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Jakob Abeßer

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I am a senior scientist at Fraunhofer IDMT with a focus on applied research in music information retrieval & machine listening and I’m currently working on my habilitation at the TU Ilmenau.

In my research, I combine techniques from machine learning / deep learning and audio signal processing. On the “ambient sound” side, I work mostly on sound event detection, sound polyphony estimation, and acoustic scene classification and possible applications for urban sound monitoring and bioacoustic research. One the “music” side, I’m mostly interested in automatic music transcription and instrument recognition.

Besides my research, I have a big passion for playing & teaching music (bass guitar & percussion).

Current Projects

  • KI-gestützte Audioanalyse von Musik und Soundscapes - Bi-weekly seminar at the HfM Weimar, which will be held jointly with Prof. Martin Pfleiderer over the winter semester 2022/23.

  • Machine Listening for Music and Sound Analysis - 6-part lecture on audio signal processing & deep learning applied for music information retrieval (MIR) and environmental sound analysis (ESA)
    • The lecture will be held for the third time this winter semester at the TU Ilmenau Lecture Page and will be continuously extended in the upcoming years.
  • Groovecell - Online Learning for Bass and Drums
  • LMNT7 - Progressive Rock